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Downtown Kelowna


Top 5 Reasons to Live at 417 Cedar:
#5 - Close to Nature & Downtown Kelowna

Not only is 417 Cedar located in the heart of Kelowna’s South Pandosy Village, but it offers quick access to downtown and an easy escape to nature. This coveted address puts you in the center of everything and truly makes a fulfilling lifestyle possible.

Close to Nature & Downtown

Downtown Kelowna is a thriving, upbeat center that is only a short 5-minute drive from Cedar. Here you will find an eclectic assortment of eateries, coffee bars, breweries, pubs, and endless nightlife alternatives. Explore the parks, beaches, and waterfront boardwalk where you can stroll, exercise, or bike along. Grab yourself a glass of wine or a scoop of ice cream and take in some of the best sunset views the city has to offer.

The District on Bernard is nestled in Kelowna’s downtown and is filled with a modern collection of fashion-forward retailers, restaurants, fitness studios, and salons. This revitalized area of the downtown core will leave you free to shop, socialize, and discover some of the city’s greatest kept secrets only minutes from your home.

Living at Cedar makes enjoying a night at the theatre or afternoon at an art gallery a breeze. Downtown is home to a diverse offering of art and culture-centered facilities. Take in a live show at the Kelowna Community Theatre or the Rotary Centre for the Arts. Wander the Kelowna Art Gallery and admire impressive works by local and international artists. Residents of Cedar will ensure art and culture remains, or becomes, a part of their life.

The great outdoors is easily within reach at 417 Cedar. Some of the most beautiful stretches of the Lake Okanagan waterfront are just steps from your home, and if you venture a bit further, you will discover a surplus of options to satisfy your passion for nature.

The infamous Knox Mountain lies directly north of downtown and is Kelowna’s largest natural area park. It features popular hikes, ranging in difficulty, that will award you with amazing views of the city, lake, and valley. It is a local hot-spot for dog owners and has both on and off-leash areas.

Cedar residents will find a lovely selection of trails and hikes only a short commute away from their home that they can explore nearly year-round. Kelowna also delivers when it comes to urban and mountain biking. With 300+ km of bike lanes and over 60 km of separated pathways, Kelowna boasts the most extensive bike network in Canada for a city its size. The mountain biking terrain offers trails for both experts and novices to navigate.

For those who wish to experience nature alongside our feathered friends, Kelowna offers one of BC’s best urban birding experiences. The city hosts hundreds of birds in dozens of varieties, and the best part is that most prime birding locations are close to Cedar or only a short drive away.

417 Cedar brings residents the best that urban and outdoor living offers while providing efficient access due to its highly desirable location. Allow your lifestyle to be inspired by where you live; you won’t regret it.